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What are the safety devices in refrigeration system on ships? L. P cut-out on compressor suction side: Set at a pressure corresponding to 5 C below the lowest expected evaporating gauge reading H.P cut-out on compressor discharge side: Set at a pressure corresponding to 5 C above the highest expected evaporating gauge reading

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15/7/2007· High side, or, pressure side is the hose that runs FROM the compressor TO the condenser. The low side or SUCTION side runs TO the compressor. Simple way to remeer, you want the freon in your can SUCKED IN to the system.The high side or pressure side(aka Discharge side) blows out, does not suck in.

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R-22 has become more common in refrigeration so that would depend upon the desired temperature. High side will generally be in a ballpark of 250–280 roughly but that depends on aient temperatures, little lower on water cooled condenser. Low side

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*From R134a pressure and temperature chart. suction, discharge, and liquid line capacities in tons for refrigerant 134a (single- or high-stage appliions) line size suction lines ( t = 2 f) discharge lines ( t= 1 f, p= 2. I had a non-AMC that needed to run about 220

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When the compressor rings are worn, high-side discharge gases will leak through them during the compression stroke, giving the system a lower head pressure. Because discharge gases have leaked through the rings and into the crankcase, suction pressure will also be higher than normal.

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15/5/2017· Excessive or high superheat is an indiion of insufficient refrigerant in the evaporator coil for the heat load present. This could mean that not enough refrigerant is entering the coil or this could also indie an excessive amount of heat load on the evaporator coil.

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High suction and low discharge pressures This condition is usually due to a fault within the compressor, such as broken valve reeds or incorrect seating of the valve reeds. If the suction reeds are at fault, some of the discharged vapour will be forced back into the suction side of the compressor as the piston reaches the top of its stroke.

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Suction Hoses (low side) attach from the compressor to the evaporator. Discharge (high side) attach from compressor to condenser. Liquid Lines attach condenser to evaporator. Manifold hoses are coinations of suction and discharges lines.

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26/11/2002· Many service technicians often become confused when the liquid line becomes restricted in the refrigeration system. This is because the symptoms often look like an undercharge of refrigerant. This article covers a refrigeration system with a restricted liquid line after the receiver using R-134a as the refrigerant. The refrigeration system is a low temperature freezer with a receiver and a TXV.

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1/12/2010· so what do you think, my AC was warm today, the suction line was icing up so I shut down the unit and left the fan on to thaw it out. checked the filters for restriction, they were clean. fired it back up after the unit thawed out and now my High pressure line is pretty cold and sweating, the suction line is near aient temperature. this is not a reverse cycle unit, electric heat strips

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I want to open up the chimney in the 2nd story hallway and close off the the. Flushing the system: Flushing an AC system involves using a flushing agent such as R-11, being blown

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25/1/2019· The condenser is connected to the compressor by the discharge or High (Pressure) Side line. The discharge line should be HOT to the touch. The condenser is like a radiator with the refrigerant flowing thru it and giving off heat to condense (gas to liquid) the refrigerant into a liquid.

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When you have low suction pressure and high head pressure that means the there is a restriction in the liquid line and that the evaporator is getting starved. Check to see if the unit has an expansion valve on the evaporator inlet.

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1/8/2011· I have measured the pressures on my R22 AC system. I get 63 psig suction and 252 psig high side. The air discharge temperature at the duct nearest to the evaporator is 62 degrees. What does that tell me about the operation of my system?

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What can cause my AC’s low side pressure to be too high? If you notice that the AC in your car is not working right, there can be several reasons why. You need to figure out the reasons so you will know what steps to take when fixing it. You can start by looking

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23/12/2013· I made the 30 mile drive back to find that the line I had soldered had literally blown away from the unit with such force it had bent the high side line at a 90 degree angel. It must have been quite a show for the neighbors late at night blowing a 10 pound charge all

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The AC Hose Manifold and Tube Assely consists of the AC Discharge and Suction-side hoses. The discharge side, also called the high-pressure side, consists of the AC compressor and AC condenser.The compressor compresses the gaseous low-pressure

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Also, when the system is vacuumed from the high side only, the discharge valve in the compressor stays opened and the low side is vacuumed from there. The expansion valve has an equalizer line and the valve''s diaphragm is exposed to the low side pressure (which acts on the underside of the diaphragm) from this line.

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The discharge line exiting the compressor is the hottest part of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. The compressor’s discharge line temperature can be measured by placing an insulated thermistor on the discharge line about 3 inches from the compressor.

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The AC systems found on most vehicles are highly sophistied. Generally, they operate using high and low pressures. One side of the AC system is low pressure, where the refrigerant starts out as a gas; and the other is a high pressure, where it is converted into liquid form so …

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1/8/2009· Dirty condenser, condenser fan inoperable, non-condensible''s - something is wrong on the high side. When you have abnormally high head pressure you will get a hot liquid line and the breaker will be warm/hot due to the load being put on it (the compressor is working much harder than normal - drawing more amps).